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So there are lots of protests at the moment. I thought I'd answer (in a non-partisan-ish way) some of the dafter questions I've seen.

"Where were you when..."
I'm not sure, actually. Maybe I was asleep or on the loo or reading articles about things. I can't be everywhere all the time. Humans have limited time, energy and money.
If I protested everything that went wrong then I would probably be criticised as a rent-a-protestor. I would also be broke and starving.
Some people care about badgers. Some people care about refugees. Some people care about the NHS. Some people care about climate change, or the closure of libraries or the arrest of reporters or bombing other countries or fathers' access to their children or neglected soldiers or firms shutting down and making people redundant.
It's possible to care about all of these and more but it isn't practical to attend everything.

"So-and-so did this thing that was similar but not quite as bad. Why didn't you protest that?"
See above. Everyone has their limits, thresholds and priorities. You have to start somewhere. No one is born into the world waving a placard.
Plus, it's entirely possible some people did protest it and you just didn't notice.

"This is an echo-chamber."
If it was an echo-chamber then I wouldn't hear you calling it an echo-chamber.

"You are protesting against democracy/a democratic decision."
Democracy doesn't stop when you've posted your ballot. Democracy carries on all the time. It continues in conversations, in committees, in articles, in meetings, in consultations and local elections and EU elections and by-elections and Police Commissioner elections and marches and protests and purchases and lobbying and pressure groups and petitions. A vote for one candidate is just tiny one part of that. We aren't protesting against a democratic decision, we are taking active part in democracy.

"You are being sanctimonious."
No-one goes and stands in the cold and rain and maybe the dark to feel sanctimonious when they can do that sitting at home in the warm on a computer. You take part in direct action because you feel you can't *not*.

"Why do you even bother?"
Why do you even bother asking why we even bother? Why are you bothered that we're bothered, if, according to you, we aren't supposed to bother?

The end.

I do traditional MMA. I was sparring with a relatively recent recruit the other night. All was going well. He only heel-crushed my foot a few times despite being repeatedly told not to by our sensei. We were polite with each other. He got the stance wrong a few times, but who doesn't?

Then at the end he leaned over and said: "It's because I'm holding back. I don't want to hurt you. If I could only go full-throttle..."

No. Fuck you. No. You aren't fucking up your left and right and ignoring instructions because I'm a fragile flower. You're fucking up because you always fuck up. I've seen you fuck up in grading with blokes the same size as you where you are supposed to pretty much go "full-throttle", in a controlled way. My uterus hasn't magically stripped away your dubious skills.

This isn't the first time the musclebrains I've trained with have said/done ridiculous things to me/the other girls.

I recently had a white belt trying to coach me ( incorrectly) - which he hasn't dared do to fellow white-belt men. I'm a brown belt and am a few sub-grades away from black. I get shit wrong, obviously, but pardon me if I don't take advice from someone who just walked through the door and doesn't know where his hands should go.

One popcorn-brained member claimed he couldn't do moves be because he was "too muscular", and refused to let female members throw him during consensual skills practice. On occasion this can be quite dangerous both for the thrower and the uke. Every time he screwed up a sequence he felt the need to tell us how, " in real life" he'd beat us because he was so much bigger. After he crushed one of the girl's ankles by refusing to do a proper break fall, I kicked him in the balls. He wasn't too big to keel over and go green.

This doesn't just happen in mma. A few months ago my motorbike fuel cap got jammed. While I was trying to free it, a man (uninvited) leaned over and twisted the key in the lock. I shouted at him to stop and he did, just in time. If he'd snapped the key, which was bending, I would have been stranded.

Correct me if I'm wrong, guys, but would any of you grab a male biker's keys and fuck around with his bike while he was sitting on it? Not if you want to be able to use your fingers afterwards, anyway.

Tl:dr: I don't like unqualified idiots telling me what to do, perhaps simply because I'm female.
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